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The goalkeeper may play the ball with his or her hands, but only inside his or her own penalty area. The goalkeeper may not waste time putting the ball into play. The goalkeeper wears a different color jersey from his or her teammates.

All of the ball must go completely past the outside edge of the touch line or goal line either on the ground or in the air.

All of the ball must go completely past all of the goal line into the goal.

After the ball has gone out over the touch line. The ball is thrown in at the spot it went out. Both of the player's feet must be behind or on top of the touch line. The ball must be thrown from behind the head with both hands, one on each side of the ball.

After the ball has gone out over the goal line having last been touched by the defensive team. The ball is placed inside the corner arc and kicked by an offensive player.

After the ball has gone out over the goal line having last been touched by the offensive team. The ball is kicked by a defensive player from anywhere inside the goal area. The ball must be kicked out of the penalty area before it is back in play.

A player is in an offside position but not necessarily offside if:
1. The player is ahead of the ball, and
2. The player is in the opponent's half of the field, and
3. There are fewer than two opponents ahead of the player.

If, in the opinion of the referee, a player in an offside position participates in the play, interferes with an opponent, or otherwise takes advantage of the offside position, then an indirect free kick is awarded the other team.

A player in an offside position is not to be called offside if the player receives the ball directly from a throw-in, corner kick or goal kick.

A kick is taken from the spot of the foul. A goal cannot be scored unless the ball is touched by a second player from either team. Awarded for off side and all non-penal fouls including the following:

1. Dangerous play.
2. Impeding the progress of an opponent.
3. Preventing the goalkeeper from releasing the ball.

Indirect Free Kick applying to the goalkeeper within own penalty area
1. Handling ball directly from throw-in by teammate.
2. Handling ball directly from kick by teammate.
3. Handling ball first after releasing it.
4. Otherwise wasting time.

A kick is taken from the spot of the foul. Awarded for the following penal fouls when committed intentionally against an opponent (except when committed inside the offenders own penalty area) :
1. Kicking or attempting to kick an opponent.
2. Tripping or attempting to trip an opponent.
3. Jumping at an opponent.
4. Charging an opponent.
5. Striking or attempting to strike an opponent.
6. Pushing an opponent.
7. Contacting the opponent before tackling the ball.
8. Holding an opponent.
9. Handling the ball except by the goalkeeper in penalty area.
10. Spitting at an opponent.

Awarded for a penal foul committed inside a team's penalty area and taken from the penalty spot. All players except the kicker and goalkeeper must be outside the penalty area, behind the ball and at least 10 yards from the penalty spot. The ball is in play after it has been kicked, but the kicker may not be the next to touch it.

Any penalty which might in the opinion of the referee give an advantage to the team committing the foul shall not be called.

A verbal warning from the referee to a player, coach or spectator.

CAUTION (Yellow Card)
Five minute suspension without substitution in games of 60 minutes or more, 3 minutes in games of less than 60 minutes, for the following:
1. Unsporting behavior.
2. Dissent by word or action.
3. Persistent infringement.
4. Delaying a restart.
5. Failing to respect required distance.
6. Entering or reentering the field without permission.
7. Deliberately leaving the field without permission.

SEND OFF (Red Card)
Ejection from the present game and the next game for the following:
1. Serious foul play.
2. Violent conduct.
3. Spitting at anyone.
4. Denying a goal by deliberate handball.
5. Denying a goal by an offense punishable by a free kick or penalty kick.
6. Foul or abusive language.
7. Receiving a second yellow card.

An ejected player, coach or spectator must immediately leave the field and surrounding area. An ejected player may not be replaced during the current game.

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