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Welcome to Lynx Soccer!

LCS will return to Busline League play this fall.

Soccer at LCS is generally offered to students in grades 6-8 who are interested in interscholastic competition. Our teams compete in the Busline League which includes 22 schools in mid-coast Maine extending from Woolwich to Searsport. Athletes are expected to be available to practice and play five or occasionally six days per week throughout the regular season. Players may also run Cross Country; talk to your coach before registering.

All players must register through this site. Call 207-357-6017 for assistance.

Active Seasons

Program SeasonLast Date Before Late FeeLast Date to RegisterAction
Soccer2021 Fall N/A 2021-09-17Go!


[Oct 14 2021]   Lynx prevail over Vikings in a hard fought battle

            Lincolnville and Searsport combined to produce a real barn burner in their playoff game on Thursday, October 14th, at the LCS pitch.  Both sides battled throughout the game, and it was still tied at three each with 2 minutes left to play.  Ultimately the LCS booters prevailed, but it was a very near run thing.

            Searsport got on the board first at the 7:23 mark taking full advantage of a Lynx clear up the middle which they controlled, broke through into the box, and hammered home past keeper Thomas Pickford who had no realistic chance to stop it.  That fired the Lincolnville eleven up as they began to gain an edge in possession.  It only took them three minutes to even the score when Pickford booted a long ball off the ground that a Searsport defender failed to clear with a header allowing striker Mickey Nowell to head it in turn over the defense for breaking winger Maren Johnson.  As she controlled the ball, the keeper found herself caught halfway out of the goal so Johnson chipped the ball in over the keeper’s head.  It rebounded down off the crossbar, hit the keeper, and despite a fine diving effort to push the ball out, ended up in the net.  The Lynx then extended their lead at 17:45 when stopper Liam Day-Lynch sent a long feed to Nowell, who corralled the ball, beat one defender to the outside right, and then cut in towards the goal before burying a beautiful finish in the back of the net.  Facing a two-goal deficit, it looked like the Vikings might sag, but instead, they came back a minute later and cut the lead with a break up the middle.  It took them two minutes more to find the nets for their third, again finding a hole in the middle to exploit.  The last ten minutes of the half played evenly and the teams went in deadlocked at 3-3.

            While the Lynx had the edge in the first half, the momentum definitely switched to the Vikings in the second half as they spent a considerable amount of time in the LCS defensive end.  But with Day-Lynch now playing sweeper, the Vikings were unable to make the final penetrations they did in the first half.  Lincolnville had a number of tries of their own, but it was definitely a half dominated by Searsport.  Until the last two minutes, that is.  At that point, Day-Lynch picked up a loose ball in the LCS defensive end near centerfield and staged a masterful, solo drive up the field beating at least three Searsport players on the way before breaking free just outside the box.  Seeing the alert keeper beginning a charge, Day-Lynch launched a shot which the keeper was just able to block, but Day-Lynch pounced on the short rebound and hammered it home before the keeper could react with only 1:32 remaining in the game.  The Lynx held on to run the clock out and earn their way to a game against Hope next Wednesday, October 20th, at Hope for the right to enter the league championship the following Monday.

            In addition to those already mentioned, the Lynx depended upon Havana Kriste, Natalie Bolduc, Olivia McManus, Jacob Talbot, and Jack Lytton to control the midfield as well as Bryson Hise, Danielle Webber, and Abby Webber to hold the defensive line.  Finally, both teams are to be congratulated on the quality of the effort they put into this game.  It was extremely exciting to watch and truly was one of those games that it was a shame that only one team could win.

[Oct 08 2021]   Friendly battle of the cats: Lynx outlast Panthers

            The Medomak girls team paid a visit to the Lincolnville pitch on Friday, October 8th for a friendly match with the Lynx ultimately prevailing 3 to 1.  It was a relaxed but well-played game by both sides as the rapidly improving LCS eleven took advantage of this low-pressure contest to hone their tactical skills.  Both teams played with intensity as they staged multiple attacks on the other’s goal.  A particular highlight for the LCS eleven was the hat trick racked up by striker Mickey Nowell.  The first came with 8:18 gone in the first half when stopper Liam Day-Lynch’s long ball was redirected towards the right corner.  Nowell sped over to chase the ball down and turn it before driving on the goal from a low angle and unleashing a strong shot that beat the keeper cleanly.  The rest of the half played scoreless, and LCS entered half time with a 1 goal lead

            Which did not last for long as Medomak’s amazing speedster moved up from the defensive line to the striker position and used her astonishing pace to rip through the LCS defense and score at the 35:47 mark.  Day-Lynch and Nowell struck back 13 minutes later again with Day-Lynch feeding the ball forward for Nowell to pick up and use his speed to penetrate the defense for his second goal of the game.  Finally, at 55:32, defender Noah Seliger boomed a ball out of the Lynx defensive end leading Nowell to sprint down on the deeply positioned Medomak defensive line.  The Panther’s sweeper’s clear was blocked by the charging Nowell who immediately after won a header battle with her popping the ball behind her allowing him to race by, pick it up, and drive toward the keeper charging out of the goal.  Nowell veered left to get a clear view of the empty net and promptly slammed it home for the last score of the game.

            The LCS defense, with Danielle Webber at sweeper, Day-Lynch at stopper, and Abby Webber, Bryson Hise, and Seliger sharing the wing defense duties, put in an absolutely stellar effort to hold the impressive Medomak eleven to a single goal.  They have now staged two exceptional back-to-back performances in a row having held St. George scoreless last Wednesday in the last game of their regular season.  Also contributing to the exceptional effort against Medomak were Maren Johnson as the team’s second striker as well as Havana Kriste, Natalie Bolduc, Olivia McManus, and Jacob Talbot in the midfield line.  Adding valuable minutes off the bench to this total team effort were Zach Egeland, Elise Talty, Grace Doolen, Isabel Pease-Fontaine, Kennedy Blake, Parker Feeney, and Willa Yetman.  Finally, Thomas Pickford had another fine day in goal, making multiple critical saves to preserve the lead.  The Lynx have next week off giving them time to prepare to the upcoming playoff season that will begin on Monday, October 18th on the LCS pitch.

[Oct 06 2021]   Lynx pounce on Dragons

The Lincolnville eleven welcomed St. George booters to their pitch and played a very solid game to defeat the Dragons by a score of 2 to 0 on Wednesday, October 6th.  While the Lynx dominated the first 15 minutes, the Dragons had made an adjustment after the last game these two teams played and proved stubbornly resistant to all LCS’s efforts to bang the ball into the net.  On the other end, keeper Thomas Pickford and the LCS defense were able to turn aside the limited number of probes that St. George managed in the LCS end of the field.  The next fifteen minutes were much more evenly played with the Lynx having perhaps a slight advantage, but neither side was able to capitalize on their efforts.  The result was a 0 to 0 tie going off at half time.

            The second half began as the first, with LCS the more dominant team, but this time, the Lynx finally found their way to the goal when at the 43-minute mark, midfielder Liam Day-Lynch launched a long pass from the defensive side of centerfield forward over the Dragons defense.  Striker Mickey Nowell, showing a fine turn of speed, blazed past the defensive players to gather in the ball on the fly, and fire a shot past the keeper for the first tally of the game.  It looked for a while that that would be the sole score, but then with 49 minutes gone, Day-Lynch sent a second long feed forward which Nowell controlled once again, bore down on the keeper to close the distance, and buried another one in the net.  Following this, St. George really came alive and exerted extreme pressure in the LCS end of the field, staging a number of fine tries before time ultimately ran out.  It was a very fine effort on the part of both teams and a most enjoyable game to watch. 

Lincolnville’s defense—consisting of Sophia Skrivanich sharing sweeper duties with Day-Lynch who also shared stopper duties with Danielle Webber, and wing defenders D. Webber, Abby Webber, and. Bryson HIse, with Pickford in goal—had their best outing of the year showing great improvement in their play over the course of the season.  LCS has now concluded their regular season but will have to wait until Monday, October 18th to start their playoff season.

[Oct 04 2021]   Lincolnville's hopes deflated

            It was a disappointing day for the Lynx of Lincolnville as they watched the Hope Hawks fly high to defeat them 6 to 2 on the Hope pitch.  Things actually started well for the Lynx when midfielder Liam Day-Lynch drove the middle from just shy of the centerfield line to break in on the keeper from the right.  He powered a shot that hit the keeper and bounced off to striker Mickey Nowell who quickly converted into an open net on the bounce for the first goal of the game at 17:13.  It only took a few minutes for Hope to level the score as they staged a fine exhibition of passing to close on the LCS net and nail the goal.  A second goal followed along soon thereafter ending the scoring for the first half.

            The Lynx struck first about three minutes into the next half when Day-Lynch intercepted a goal kick, took one dribble to gain a sight line to the goal, and sent a screamer to the right offensive post to tie the game.  From there on out, Hope dominated, scoring four unanswered goals to convincingly nail down the victory.  The one particularly bright spot for LCS was the play of keeper Thomas Pickford who made a number of fine saves during the course of the afternoon.

[Sep 29 2021]   LCS upends fiery Dragons

            The Lincolnville soccer club rained on St. George’s parade defeating them by a score of 5 to 2 on a coolish afternoon on September 29th at St. George.  The first half played remarkably evenly ending at 2-1 LCS.  The Lynx’s offense, which is now averaging a healthy five goals a game was kept largely in check by the Dragons’ scrappy and effective style of play.  Nonetheless, LCS opened the scoring early at 3:40 gone when midfielder Liam Day-Lynch corralled a corner in his own defensive box and drove all the way to the centerfield line before executing a beautiful through pass to striker Mickey Nowell who picked it up on the run from the right and used a goalmouth crossing shot to bury the ball in the nets.  Play then remained even with both sides thrusting into the other team’s defensive end until just past the 20-minute mark when Nowell drove the right side and sent a lofting cross over the Dragons’ defense that was met and skillfully redirected into the nets by left winger Jacob Talbot.  It was then St. George’s turn to claw one back shortly after when they took full advantage of a defensive lapse in the LCS end to score at 10:41.  The rest of the half played out without any further scores.

            The second half opened with another early score at the 34.41 mark when Talbot passed from the left to Day-Lynch about 30 yards out from the goal.  Day-Lynch then staged a dribbling clinic driving past three defenders in the middle to break free and beat the keeper with a cool, calm finish.  Eight minutes later—at 42:06, Day-Lynch won a drop ball just outside the Dragons’ box after an injury time out, made a quick move to his left to find a clear lane to the goal, and quickly pulled the trigger to tally LCS’s fourth score.  Day-Lynch initiated the next goal at 54:53 first controlling a loose ball 30 yards out on the left side then making an angling drive across field to the right curling around the defense as he did so, and finally firing in a cross to Nowell who had positioned himself in open space inside the box.  Nowell wasted no time in blasting his shot into the roof of the goal.  The Dragons, far from flagging, illustrated their never say die attitude as they picked up the last goal with 2.3 seconds left when a St. George player made an impossible move through the Lynx defense to pump a close range shot past keeper Thomas Pickford who had no realistic chance of stopping the ball.  Lincolnville has the rest of the week off before resuming this season’s campaign on Monday, October 4th, at Hope.LCS 

[Sep 27 2021]   LCS and AVS battle to a draw

The Lincolnville and Appleton soccer teams staged a real cat fight on a pleasant afternoon at the LCS pitch on September 27th.  With a total of eight goals and the back and forth nature of the scoring, it really was quite a wild contest.  The LCS Lynx were the first off the mark as midfielder Liam Day-Lynch sent a swift pass out to winger Maren Johnson on the right.  Johnson shed her coverage by driving into the box and launching a nicely placed ball that beat the keeper and nestled just inside the far post for the tally.  It did not take long for the AVS Wildcats to strike back as they took advantage of the LCS defense to even it up at the 7:18 mark.  Things settled down for a bit although the Appleton squad were more dominant offensively for awhile with several excellent attempts on goal until at 21:52, striker Micky Nowell intercepted a pass out by the Wildcats’ keeper, quickly drove into the box from the right, and almost exactly repeated the previous goal by sending his shot across the net to fetch up next to the far post.  That ended it for the first half with LCS ahead by 2 to 1.

            That lead did not last long as Appleton managed to force an own goal by Lincolnville on a corner kick 30 seconds into the second half.  But 2 minutes and 45 seconds later, Day-Lynch got on the scoreboard by gaining possession in the Appleton box, making a quick dribble to his right to find a line of sight to the nets, and sending his shot across the goal from the right to—once again—nestle just inside the far post.  Appleton again promptly responded at 36:59 with a feed from the right and a strong finish from the middle of the box to bury the ball in the LCS net.  A mere 30 seconds later, Appleton finally assumed the lead by chipping a long ball over the outstretched arms of LCS keeper Thomas Pickford.  It began to look a little dire for the Lynx as both sides began to show signs of fatigue due to the tremendous effort both sides were putting in, but then Lincolnville struck once last time at the 48:28 mark to secure the tie when midfielder Natalie Bolduc slide a fine pass forward to Nowell who used his great turn of speed to blow by the right side of the defense and having beat them into the box, belted the final score of the game in.

            It was an extremely fun game to watch with multiple drives by both sides and many a goal thwarted by the play of both keepers and defenses.  Both teams deserve a lot of credit for their strong play and determination.  As for the future, the Lynx will take the field again this Wednesday, 9/29, at St. George.

[Sep 16 2021]   Lynx defeat Vikings

            The Lincolnville Lynx teed off against the Vikings of Searsport on Wednesday, September 15th at Lincolnville on a gray and threatening day and emerged with a 6 to 2 win to start off their much anticipated, pandemic delayed title defense.  It only took a little over seven minutes for LCS to get on the scoreboard when winger Maren Johnson crossed a ball from the right close to the goal mouth that passed through without being touched.  Winger Jacob Talbot corralled it on the left side and sent it right back in, but it was intercepted by a Viking defender.  Midfielder Liam Day-Lynch promptly stole it off the Searsport player’s foot, shifted left to find an open lane to drive, then angled through the defense and drove the ball home from close range.  Day-Lynch followed this with another effort at the 9:40 mark when he snagged a loose ball on the right side of the goal box, dribbled adeptly through the defense and slammed a hard finisher in from close range once again.  Day-Lynch promptly completed his hat trick with 10:37 gone when he received a throw in on the left, made an angling run across and through the defense and caromed his shot off the downside of the crossbar so that it bounced into the net.  After that, things quieted down for a bit, and both teams played rather evenly with both racking up several dangerous drives.

            This pattern continued into the second half until a few injuries brought some key Lynx players onto the bench for a spell.  Searsport leapt to take advantage and drove in a long ball from the left at 31:23 followed by another at 40:58 when they took exploited an LCS defensive lapse.  With the recovering of several key Lynx players, Lincolnville again began to dominate and tallied another score when Abby Webber kicked a long feed to the left side which striker Mickey Nowell fielded and then using his fine turn of speed, he blew by the defense and to go in alone, finishing by slipping a soft shot past the charging Viking keeper and nestling it inside the far post at 53:30.  Nowell struck again with 57:36 gone after a Vikings’ handball just on the LCS side of midfield.  Nowell made a brilliant move to open space on the Vikings’ right side, and Day-Lynch quickly sent the free kick up to spring Nowell loose so that he could blaze past the defense once again, ending by burying the ball in the back of the net.  Johnson ended the scoring at the 59-minute mark when she intercepted a throw out by the Searsport keeper, make a quick dribble forward, and beat the keeper with her ensuing shot.

            The game featured a number of fine individual performances, not least from the scoring pair of Day-Lynch and Nowell.  Sophia Skrivanich made a fine debut anchoring the defense at the sweeper position, Bryson Hise and Abby Webber gave the team some excellent minutes at the wing defensive positions, and Jack Lytton performed well as the stopper.  Teaming up with Day-Lynch at midfield to dominate the crucial middle of the field were Olivia McManus and Natalie Bolduc with Bolduc also putting in some crucial time at sweeper to fill a hole for an injured player.  The rest of the team also played valuable supporting roles on the field as well.

            The Lynx have next week off but will resume play on Monday, September 27th against Appleton on the LCS pitch.

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